News & Updates – October 2011

Autumn is here at last, and the evenings in Manhattan are absolutely beautiful. The weather is perfect for taking my tap boards to Washington Square Park and entertaining the crowds – or maybe observing them and writing a human interest piece or a poem. And the time for a slice of pumpkin pie or a cup of apple cider has never been better.

With so much going on, I’ve decided to add a Schedule page to keep track of my upcoming performances and publications. You’ll observe that I have two upcoming solo performances this month: I will be featured as a tap dancing skeleton in the Halloween-themed Spook-TAP-ular at NYC’s Symphony Space on Saturday, October 29th, and then I’m going immediately to the Massachusetts Dance Festival at UMass Amherst on Sunday, October 30th, where I’ll be performing my original fusion of tap and poetry, “When Push Comes to Shove.”

The choreographic process behind that piece was the subject of my first post for Boston’s Connect 2 Choreography blog, and the second post will appear in a few weeks. Also this month, you can also find my latest CNN article, an overview of mixed martial arts and one of its top fighters, online; another helpful article on technique for tap dancers in Dance Spirit; and a short mystery story you can try to solve yourself in Woman’s World. More information can be found on my Writing page – or, you can send me an email! I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget I’m available for private lessons, workshops or choreography at your studio or right here in New York City.

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, nothing is better after a long rehearsal than some pie and cider. I’m just sayin’.

In rhythm,

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